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Website Marketing - Search Engine Optimization SEO & SEM

Once you've made your web site the best it can be with respect to graphics, navigation, the message and gathering contact information, next you need to make sure your website gains visibility on the Internet. The Internet has become very crowded. You need to actively promote your web site and attract web traffic. This is accomplished through a carefully planned Web Marketing Strategy combined with ongoing Search Engine Optimization SEO SEM marketing techniques.


  Comparison to Competitors

A good website marketing strategy not only analyzes how visitors look for the products and services you provide via the Internet, but also analyzes how effectively your competitors are leveraging the internet. This allows us to take advantage of areas where your competitors are weak in their internet presence.

Effectively addressing all of the considerations described above is the best, cost effective way to turn your web site into a revenue generating tool rather than a company expense. These are the goals we have in mind when designing a website marketing strategy for you.

  Keywords & Phrases Placement

It isn't difficult for a company to create a list of keywords they feel relate to their business. The trick is to find the list of keywords that potential customers type in when looking for that company online. The difference might be the difference between a hundred visitors and ten thousand visitors.

Identifying and targeting the keywords and key phrases that users search for allows for properly optimizing your Web site, allowing customers to quickly find the information they need. It drives more qualified traffic to your site. After all, it's much easier to learn the language your customers are using than to try to change it. We can find the keywords people are searching for today and have you registered with the search engines tomorrow.

  Online Popularity and Search Engine Ranking

Once your website's design is squared away, the next step is to put your website out there for everyone to see (we will sign up for all those extracurricular activities!). We will join Web rings (listings of sites which provide similar content) relevant to your business. If appropriate we will take advantage of online malls and free classified ads. Each of these strategies will not only increase your link popularity, but also drive more traffic to your site. It's a win-win situation.

Making well-liked and influential friends is another key to becoming popular. We will locate companies within your target market that have highly-trafficked, well-done sites and then establish online partnerships with them. This can drive your link popularity sky high.

  Competitive Analysis

We look to your competition to determining where your competitors' sites have a leg. This will help us focus efforts for maximum return on your investment. If you think gaining ideas from the competition is wrong, then think about it this way: Do you think your competition would hesitate to do the exact same thing to you? Exactly.

Competitive analysis also reveals valuable information related to search engine positioning. For example, do your competitors have online alliances and partners? Driving traffic back and forth between a partner's site and your own is a great way to increase your site's popularity in the eyes of search engines, resulting in a higher ranking. How high are your competitors' popularity ratings? Are they using alternate URLs or sub-domains? Are they driving traffic to their site in other ways? Maybe they have a subscription engine through which they blast out recent news on their company.

Ultimately, winning the search engine battle requires covering all the bases. Sure, you need more links pointing to you than anyone else. But you also need to neutralize your competitor's advantage by using every relevant keyword and joining every alliance, directory, trade network and news site they've joined. And then add some unique ones of your own. In the end, it's not about reinventing the wheel; it's about improving on it.


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