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Website Design Considerations

If you've been on the Internet and World Wide Web very long you've seen a wide range in the quality of website designs. There are certainly some very nicely designed sites but there are far more that have been poorly designed, both in appearance and functionality. We have a list of questions grouped by requirements for you to use as guides. One of the most important things to remember about your website is that it will probably be looked at by more people than most print materials you distribute in the marketing of your business. A recent study from Stanford University concluded that the number one factor that makes your visitors trust you is your web sites appearance & design. Your website should look as good, if not better, than your printed marketing materials because the Internet is a visual medium!

  Basic Website Considerations

It's important to perform an evaluation of your company's objectives for having a website.
  • What purpose will it have?
  • Should it be a static website or dynamic based on visitor?
  • Should it be a publicly accessed site, an Internet site or privately accessed site also known as an Intranet or Extranet site?
  • Should your site have Electronic Commerce or use phone orders?
  • Should it be designed to generate sales and/or to generate business leads?
  • Do you want to provide information for customers or prospects?
  • After you've answered some of these questions your website content and site response forms should provide a foundation to build from when your site is online and receiving visitors.

New Sites

If you are developing a new website you need to have an experienced website design company to achieve your desired results. We will meet with you to understand your objectives and requirements.

  • Who is your target market for your website, new prospects, existing customers, your sales agents, recruiting other companies to offer your services, etc.?
  • What purpose does your website have? Is it to provide information? Sell a product or service?, Recruit sales agents?, Be an on-line company brochure?, Provide a way for your international customers to order from you?
  • How do you market currently and what seems to work best?
  • Are your existing customers Internet savvy and will they be able to use the features on your website?
  • Who will be in charge of providing the website content during the design and ongoing?
  • Who will be in charge of conventional marketing of the website once it is complete?
  • What are your expectations? What would make your site a success for you?
From the beginning of the concept for development of your website through completion of the design and then on to marketing of your site, our team works closely with you. Your site will have response mechanisms to allow you to gauge how productive it is. We will provide detailed website visitor statistics if you are a website hosting customer of ours.

Under Performing Sites

If you have an existing website that is under performing an evaluation needs to be performed on the causes for the lack of performance. Is the lack of performance caused by the site's visual appeal?, it's lack of design for effective Internet marketing?, is the site content lacking or disorganized?, are there response mechanisms built into the site?, and there could be more reasons.

We will perform a website evaluation for you as part of our redesign service. After an evaluation we can then redesign your site to be more graphically appealing, more Internet marketing oriented, and have better content that is more organized and/or focused on your target market.

If you need to offer secure electronic commerce to help you sell your products or services, we can implement e-commerce for you.

After your site has been overhauled we can perform the needed Internet marketing services initially and then on an ongoing basis to continue to drive traffic to your website.

  Basic Design Considerations

So what is that makes a web site a revenue generating tool for your company? The key is to hold the attention of each web visitor long enough to make an effective sales argument for your products or services. This is accomplished by making sure your web site connects with the user through the entire cycle of his/her visit.


The very first thing that a web visitor notices about your web site is the graphical presentation. If the graphics of your web site are unprofessional or amateurish, a web visitor will make the same conclusion about your business. It's no different in the non-virtual world. If you enter a store and it is disorganized and store displays are hand written, then you will think twice about doing business with that store.

It is actually worse on the Internet. You have more of a hurdle to overcome. With a real store, a patron can at least speak with a salesperson and gain some confidence that they will receive a good product for their money. On the Internet, there is no personal contact and the visitor can rely only on the impression the web site provides. Most web users are already skeptical about purchasing over the Internet. A web site that looks unprofessional will not instill confidence that a user will receive what they've purchased and that their credit card information will be safe.

The key hold the attention of each web visitor long enough to make an effective sales argument.

So it is very important that a web site looks professional in order to instill initial confidence in the web visitor. The web site doesn't have to be flashy, complex or busy. It just needs to look professional.


If the user makes it past the initial appearance of the graphics, they will next start looking for information. Therefore, it is important that the navigation of the web site is logical, consistent and simple. Users get frustrated easily if they can't find the information they are looking for on a web site. There is always another web site to explore in order to find what they are looking for and users are all too willing to hop from site to site. So it is also very important that a user can navigate your site quickly and logically

Message Conveyance

Once you've presented professional graphics and the user can navigate the site effectively, you need to communicate an effective sales message to the user. You've got the web visitor's attention. Take advantage of it by convincing the visitor that you are without question the best choice available for the products and services you provide. With a carefully worded message, you can convince your prospects that they would be foolish doing business with anyone else regardless of price.

If you're not inducing your web site visitors to tell you who they are, then you are losing the true potential of your web site as a marketing tool.

Contact Gathering

The next aspect of making your web site a revenue generation tool is perhaps the most important and certainly the most often overlooked. Most companies spend a lot of time and money crafting a web site that looks professional, but then take an essentially passive approach to finding out who their web site visitors are. It is typical for web sites to rely on web visitors actually making a purchase before they find out who is visiting their site.

Most web visitors are not ready to buy the first time they come to your web site. They are researching, comparing, anticipating, speculating. If you find out who your web visitors are, you can perform follow-up marketing so that when your web visitors are ready to make a purchase, you've already convinced them to make the purchase with you. If your web site does not do this, you are losing the true potential of your web site as a marketing tool. We have a number of strategies that can be employed to induce your web visitors to supply their contact information.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.


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